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Aqua Therapy


Aqua therapy is an exercise program that is performed in the water. It uses the physical properties of water to assist in patient healing and exercise performance.

When performing exercises in the water, the amount of weight placed on the joints is relieved and therefore is very beneficial to a complete rehabilitation regiment.

It proves positive especially for those with arthritis, who have trouble moving, those who are overweight, and others that have difficulty with weight bearing exercises. Aqua therapy can also help to rebuild strength in injuried or weak muscles.


As part of a dynamic patient centered approach to therapy, aquatics can achieve positive results even for the most apprehensive patient.  Aquatics is the most gentle and therapeutic teatment for some people.


Talk to your therapist about the possibilities of adding aqua therapy to your individualized physical recovery. Functional Physical Therapy of Ohio performs aqua therapy at the Splash Zone, the local Lorain County recreation center.







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